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QPSI Video Archive

Distinguished Lectureship in Diabetes - Video Archive

Dr. Stern's lectures at SRPH, Nov. 7, 2002 [Large 272.5MB] [Small 60.8MB]

Dr. Stern's lectures at COM, Nov. 7, 2002 [Large 160.4] [Small 30.9]

Dr. Stern's lectures at IBT, Nov. 8, 2002 [Large 265.5MB] [Small 60.1MB]

Scott & White and HSC Symposium - Video Archive

All video is in Quicktime format; you will need the Quicktime Player (free; registration required) to view it. Choose a large or small version according to the speed of your connection to the internet.

Nov. 6, 2001

Grand Rounds with Dr. Stern [Large 181.6MB] [Small 41.4MB]

Introduction [Large 16.6MB] [Small 4.5MB]

Speaker 1: Dr. Riley [Large 111MB] [Small 27.6MB]

Speaker 2: Dr. Meninger [Large 70.9MB] [Small 15.6MB]

Speaker 3: Dr. Guo [Large 35.6MB] [Small 9.9MB]

Speaker 4: Dr. Jackson [Large 40.4MB] [Small 8.8MB]

Speaker 5: Dr. Williams [Large 78.6MB] [Small 18MB]

Speaker 6: Dr. Piziak [Large 37.9MB] [Small 7.4MB]

Speaker 7: Barbara Symm [Large 100.7MB] [Small 24.3MB]

Speaker 8: Melissa Wilson [Large 79.9MB] [Small 15.8MB]

Speaker 9: Dr. Rice [Large 81.1MB] [Small 16.5MB]

Speaker 10: Dr. Dabney [Large 65.7MB] [Small 17.8MB]

Speaker 11: Dr. Edwards [Large 53.6MB] [Small 12.4MB]

Speaker 12: Jay Jezierksi for Dr. Burdine [Large 30.4MB] [Small 5.6MB]

Speaker 13: Barbara Symm [Large 29.6MB] [Small 6.9MB ]

Speaker 14: Dr. Schlabach [Large 55.8MB] [Small 13.7MB]